Hotel location

If you arrive by plane, ask a taxi driver to drive you to our facility as it is located less than 10 minutes away from International Airport of Manta. On the way you will see Manta's port and drive on the Manta's highway "Port-Airport". To arrive to Vistalmar you need to take Malecon Avenue, reaching the top of the avenue, take a little twist to the right to take street M1. Just a few meters away you will see Vistalmar. 



Sightseeing of Humpback Whales

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Hundreds of humpback whales come to the coast of Ecuador between June and September for the mate season, offering national and international tourist a majestic show. Humpback whales leave at this time the icy waters of Antarctica in search of the warmth of the equatorial Pacific Ocean. With impressive swims in the sea, males try to attract females to mate. Female whales after seeing the acrobatics and songs of several male specimens choose the strongest to mate. An spectacular show you don´t want to miss.


Santa Marianita KITESURFING

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Just 10 minutes away from HOTEL VISTALMAR, you can learn the water sport of Kitesurfing, water sport that is increasingly drawing attention in the Manabi coast. The kite surfing or kite surfang (sometimes also called kiteboarding, or flysurfing) is a sliding sport that involves the use of a traction kite, stretching the athlete (kiter) by 4 or 5 (rarely 2) line two fixed to the bar, and the remaining 2 or 3 pass through the center of the bar and attached to the body by a harness, allowing hydroplane using a table or a ski Wakeboard type designed for this purpose.



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Montecriti - Manta Distance: 12km.

Montecristi, Manabi Canton 24 kilometers from the capital Portoviejo, has the honor of being the birthplace of Eloy Alfaro, a man who imposed his revolutionary ideology and liberal benefit for Ecuadorians. The approximately 37,472 inhabitants, living mostly of handicrafts trade is definitely a touristic place you don´t want to miss.

This city is located on the underside of Montecristi hill that has 443 meters and an average annual temperature of 24 degrees Celsius is oscilares rainfall between 250 and 500 millimeters. Its climate is ideal for those who visit, it is also northeast Sheet Hill with a height of 400 meters.Its inhabitants are friendly and do not deny hospitality to tourists daily target know the charms that make it so special.

In the commercial area of the strip have available the Library-Museum Eloy Alfaro, hundreds of local crafts, infallible church with his patroness the Virgin of Monserrate, workshops making the famous straw hats, and especially the cultural heritage of this land of traditions 

La Pila

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La Pila is a historical legacy of handicrafts usually exported to European countries where buyers pay very high prices for them. A few minutes of Montecristi, is the site La Pila. This small parish invites us to learn more about our history, in its varied exhibition of clay figurines that characterize the customs and traditions of the various cultures that developed in our shores, just as our ancestors developed.

The main cultures are:

  • Valdivia, one of the oldest in the Americas and recognized by its famous statuettes called Venus, the same that historians representing fertility.
  • The Manteña is characterized reached a high degree of civilization.
  • There are other cultures as La Chorrera, Bahia and Jama Coaque.


Puerto López

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Puerto Lopez is a flourishing canton of Manabi considered by nature, fishing port, tourism and agricultural center. Puerto Lopez is privileged to have the Machalilla Park, which covers an area of 55,000 hectares, the cradle of cultures as Machalilla, Chorrera, and Bahia Guangala.

A few minutes from Puerto López is located Salango commune, here is an archaeological museum, a short distance away is the island of Salango. About 8 km. Puerto Lopez is the archaeological resort Pikemen, with hotel and restaurant services.

Puerto Lopez, throughout the year it is visited by tourists, Europeans, Americans and other continents. A group of Italians said foreigners who visit this area of Ecuador because it allows them sightseeing of mountain and sea, plus there is peace and quiet, the people are kind and tourist agencies provide comfort for ecological adventure.

They expressed that Ecuador is rich but the politicians they kill, they say that the cultural level reading feeds it, but here a book is expensive, for example, in Italy the book is cheaper than a pack of cigarettes.

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